Peer-Review Process

Peer-Review Process

The peer review process for AJERNET involves several key steps to ensure rigorous evaluation of submitted articles while maintaining anonymity and quality standards. Here's a detailed description of how this process typically works:

1. Initial Submission
Authors submit their articles electronically to AJERNET's editorial office via an online submission system. The manuscript should adhere to the journal's guidelines, including formatting and citation style.

2. Editorial Office Screening
The editorial office conducts an initial screening to ensure the submission meets basic criteria such as scope relevance, originality, and adherence to formatting guidelines. If the manuscript passes this check, it proceeds to peer review.

3. Assignment to Reviewers
The submitted manuscript is sent out for double-blind peer review. The identities of both the authors and the reviewers are kept anonymous throughout the process. Typically, two or more reviewers are assigned based on their expertise in the subject matter.

4. Peer Review
Reviewers assess the manuscript based on several criteria, including:

Originality: Is the research novel and significant?
Methodology: Are the methods sound and appropriate?
Clarity: Is the writing clear and understandable?
Contribution: Does the research contribute to the field?
Reviewers provide detailed feedback and recommendations to the editor. They might recommend acceptance, revision, or rejection based on their evaluation.

5. Editorial Decision
The editor evaluates the reviewers' comments and makes a decision:

Acceptance: If the manuscript is deemed suitable without revisions.
Revision: If revisions are required, authors are asked to address specific concerns raised by the reviewers.
Rejection: If the manuscript does not meet the journal's standards or is out of scope.

6. Author Notification
Authors receive the decision along with reviewers' comments. If revisions are requested, authors are given a deadline to submit the revised manuscript.

7. Revised Manuscript
Authors revise the manuscript based on the reviewers' feedback and submit the revised version along with a response letter detailing the changes made.

8. Final Decision
The editor re-evaluates the revised manuscript and decides on acceptance or rejection. If the manuscript meets all criteria, it is accepted for publication.

Post-Decision Policies
No Follow-Up Review: Once an article is rejected, no further review is conducted on the same submission.
Citation and Data Guidelines: Authors must properly cite all sources used and indicate primary and secondary data sources.