Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives in Road Transportation of Petroleum Products





Disaster Risk Reduction, Petroleum Products, Road Tanker Drivers, Transporters


There has been an alarming increase in disasters during road transport of petroleum products across Africa. In line with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), there is a requirement for transporters in the petroleum industry to adopt DRR initiatives. This paper presents DRR techniques transporters can adopt to minimize road tanker accidents that lead to disasters. The study focuses on Kenya, but has implications for the entire continent.  A survey was carried out via questionnaires, using random sampling, with a sample size of 391 tanker drivers, who worked for different transporters. The questionnaire included a request for the name of the transporter each tanker driver worked for.  Out of the 391 respondents, 318 drivers specified the transporters they worked for. The study classified the transporters into 3 categories, based on the number of road tankers in their fleet. The performances of the different categories of transporters were analysed using data of accidents and spills incurred by their tanker drivers. The findings identified compliance management as a key factor to minimising accidents during road transportation of petroleum products. Managers within the transporters’ organizations should be charged with the responsibility of educating tanker drivers about the importance of compliance with driving safety rules. The study recommends adoption of in-cabin on-board computers (OBC) as a tool that can be used in a proactive manner to monitor compliance by tanker drivers and prevent road accidents. Improvement in effectiveness of transporters’ organizations, recruitment, training and retention of suitably qualified and well-trained drivers will lead to reduction in accidents and disasters in the industry. The effectiveness of defensive driving training for tanker drivers was reviewed and the predominant perception confirmed its contributions to enhancement of road safety awareness within the industry.


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