Financial Record Keeping and Sustainable Growth of Agribusiness Enterprises in Rwanda: A Case Study of Moozays Dairy and Crop Farm Limited




Cash Book Keeping, Financial Record Keeping, Purchase Book Keeping, Sales Book Keeping, Sustainable Growth


Maintaining valid financial records is critical to making informed decisions about its operations. With no clear record-keeping incentives, farmers should miss important data on income, expenses, profitability, and financial health. The main objective of this research study was to assess the effects of proper financial record-keeping and sustainable growth of agribusiness enterprises in Rwanda (case study: Moozay’s Dairy and Crop Farm Limited). The specific objectives of this study included assessing the effect of purchase bookkeeping on sustainable growth of agribusiness enterprises in Rwanda, analyzing the effect of sales bookkeeping on sustainable growth of agribusiness enterprises in Rwanda, and determining the effect of cash bookkeeping on sustainable growth of agribusiness enterprises in Rwanda. This study is based on agency theory, double-entry bookkeeping theory, and accounting theory. A mixed-methods research design of descriptive and correlational studies was employed to collect both quantitative and qualitative information for analysis. The primary data were gathered by distributing questionnaires to a randomly chosen group of employees working in the finance department at Moozay's Dairy and Crop Farm Ltd. The targeted population of this study was equal to 100 respondents, and the sample population of this study is equal to 80 respondents. The data analysis procedure involved both quantitative and qualitative processes. Purchase book keeping (β=0.248, t=2.654), sales book keeping (β=0.330, t=3.321), and cash book keeping (β=0.337, t=3.331) indicate that for every one-unit increase in these variables, there is a corresponding increase in the sustainable growth of agribusiness enterprises in Moozay's Dairy and Crop Farm Limited. Furthermore, the significance values (Sig. 0.010, 0.001, 0.001) associated with these financial record-keeping variables are all notably below the typical significance level (0.05), demonstrating their strong statistical significance and emphasizing their significant roles in contributing to the sustainable growth of agribusiness enterprises in Rwanda. Also, the findings showed an R value of 0.855, an R square value of 0.731, and an adjusted R square value of 0.720, which indicates that the model adequately accounts for 73.1% of the variation in project success. Overall, Moozay's Dairy and Crop Farm Limited's research revealed strong agreement among respondents about the significant impact of financial record-keeping, which includes purchase, sales, and cash book keeping, on the sustainable growth of agribusiness enterprises in Rwanda. The study recommended Moozay's Dairy and Crop Farm Limited to provide periodic training and capacity building for staff to enhance cash bookkeeping practices in agribusinesses in Rwanda. Moozay’s Dairy and Crop Farm Ltd. is recommended to set policy action to enforce financial record keeping. Additionally, lawmakers should pass and strictly enforce a law on financial records in agribusinesses and other businesses. Moozay’s Dairy and Crop Farm Ltd. should be highly concerned about purchase bookkeeping as one of the tools to improve and increase its financial performance.


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