Correlation between Headteacher’s Supervision and Academic Achievement in English and Sciences Subject: A Case Study of Ruhango District Secondary Schools, Rwanda




Academic Achievement, English and Sciences Subject, Head Teachers’ Supervision, Ruhango District, Rwanda, Secondary Schools


This study aimed to determine the meaningful correlation between headteachers’ supervision and academic achievement in English and Elementary Sciences and Technology (EST) subject in secondary schools in Ruhango District, Rwanda. It was basically cross-sectional survey which involves quantitative and qualitative methods. It was executed in 10 Secondary Schools in Ruhango District plus analysis of students’ performance reports. Data were collected to 113 teachers (70 of English and 43 of EST) in addition to 30 headteachers through questionnaire. Data were analyzed through descriptive statistics through SPSS and Microsoft excel and inferential statistics (Pearson correlation). It showed that headteachers ‘supervision had a meaningful correlation with teachers’ performance in Secondary Schools, Ruhango District. It recommended that all educational authorities, government and other stakeholders should be involved in the monitoring and evaluation of teachers ‘performance in Secondary School, Ruhango District; headteachers should perform regular supervision to promote assessing measures that encourage the teachers to enhance education quality.


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