Effects of Teachers’ Distribution and Transfer on Student’s Academic Performance in Public Day Secondary Schools in Naivasha Sub-County, Kenya


  • Adriano Muthengi Department of Education and Curriculum Studies, Mount Kenya University, Nakuru, Kenya
  • Samuel Romata Department of Education and Curriculum Studies, Mount Kenya University, Nakuru, Kenya




Academic Performance, Distribution, Students, Teacher, Transfer


Studies have shown that the education sector is characterized by several staffing challenges, including skewed distribution of teachers, shortages of teachers, and tussles regarding promotions and transfers. This research sought to probe the impact of teacher distribution and transfer on students’ academic performance in public secondary schools in Naivasha Sub-County. The study employed a descriptive survey design. The target population was 18 day secondary schools, out of which nine were sampled using the simple random method; 198 teachers were targeted, out of which 45 were sampled using the stratified and simple random methods. In addition, nine principals and one Sub-County Teacher Service Commission (TSC) officer were purposefully sampled, and 144 students were selected using stratified and simple random sampling. Quantitative data was obtained from teachers and students through the use of structured questionnaires, while qualitative data was gathered from principals and the sub-county TSC officer through the use of interview guides. Descriptive statistics, mainly percentages, were used to analyze the quantitative data, while the thematic content analysis technique was utilized to process the qualitative data. Results revealed that teacher distribution and transfer have a negative impact on various aspects of students’ performance, including students’ grades and participation in class. Teacher distribution and transfer affect students’ performance by diminishing the quality of teacher-student interaction, increasing teachers’ workload, and disrupting the continuity of learning. The study recommends the exploration of strategies for improving the distribution and transfer of teachers in Naivasha Sub-County in order to enhance students’ academic performance.


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