Archiving and Repository Policy

Archiving Policy

The African Journal of Empirical Research (AJERNET) is committed to preserving and maintaining the integrity of its scholarly content to ensure long-term access for the research community and the public. This Archiving Policy Statement outlines our dedication to archiving practices and our utilization of the PKP Preservation Network (PKP PN) for electronic backup and content preservation.

Archiving Principles:

(1) Digital Preservation: AJERNET recognizes the importance of digital preservation as an integral part of the scholarly publishing ecosystem. We are committed to safeguarding the accessibility and authenticity of our published content in perpetuity.

(2) PKP Preservation Network (PKP PN): AJERNET partners with the PKP Preservation Network to ensure the electronic backup and preservation of our journal content. This collaboration provides a robust and distributed preservation infrastructure to protect our digital assets.

Repository Policy

The African Journal of Empirical Research maintains a robust repository, ensuring seamless content harvesting via the OAI protocol. Our repository is accessible globally, proudly featured in prestigious collections like WorldCat Digital Collections, with plans to expand to other esteemed scholarly archives. We are firmly committed to preserving and disseminating exceptional empirical research to a diverse and widespread audience. Through persistent OAI-enabled access, we guarantee that our valuable scholarly content remains easily discoverable and readily accessible to researchers and institutions worldwide. As custodians of knowledge, we are dedicated to long-term archiving and collaborative access initiatives, fostering the global dissemination of empirical research.