A Systematic Review on the Effects of PTSD Associated Alcohol Abuse on Social Economic Status among Youth in Kenya


David Mutisya
Joseph Theuri


Alcohol Abuse, PTSD, Socio-Economic Status, Youth in Kenya


The issue of alcohol abuse in Kenya is deeply rooted and continues to affect the well-being of youthful population. A study conducted in 2018, an estimated 45-50% alcohol-abusing youth in Kiambu County had post-traumatic stress disorder. The main purpose of this paper is to review and synthesize existing literature articles on the effects of PTSD associated Alcohol Abuse in Kenya’s context. The review shows that PSTD related to alcohol abuse, though not well studied in Kenya is a real challenge facing the youth. It affects their learning processes and their transition to colleges and other institutions of higher learning. Alcohol abuse also affects employment prospects for the youth and leads to impoverishment. It also challenges the productivity and entrepreneurial capacities of these youth; leading to further impoverishment and reduced socioeconomic prospects. On the basis of these findings, it is pertinent to come up with psychosocial support mechanisms for alcohol abusers suffering from PSTD. The government should put in place funding strategies for the rehabilitation of youth suffering from PSTD. Also, government empowerment programmes in Kenya should ensure that the youth with PSTD related alcohol abuse can access funding to enhance their socioeconomic status.

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